May 16, 2020

The Need for Connection with Others through Attachment

At the end of week 9 of quarantine, I am feeling an intense need to be in the presence of other people. I have no agenda, no ideas for plans or parties, no expectations. I just need to be around others. While Zoom has kept me in close contact with friends and family, it just doesn’t quite match the experience of hugging my loved ones, laughing in person, feeling the e...

April 24, 2020

The Magic of GrandParenting!

I became a grandfather for the first time a little more than a year ago. My granddaughter was born 18 months after my daughter and her husband returned from living overseas for 7 years. Circumstances dictated that they move in with us. We, including our son, have all been living under the same roof since.

Needless to say, the arrival of our granddaughter was a major event. Evidence of this is...

April 23, 2020

Grief and Loss in the Time of COVID – 19

By Audra Wallace, APCC

A Couple of weeks ago we got the notification that students would not return to school until the next school year. That message hit my high school senior daughter particularly hard. She will not get a senior prom, a graduation, or all the special senior activities that are deemed a rite of passage. Her emotions have been a lot like grief: angry, sad, mopey, ho...