First Responders, Public Safety Professionals & Military

We help those who serve on the front lines

Cumulative and chronic traumatic stress exposure is part of every first responder's career experience. Without proper training and recovery, resilience can be compromised in the mind, body and spirit of those who serve others. We specialize in helping First Responders restore and rebuild their inner resilience, improving the quality of their work and life. 

Areas & Issues of Treatment

Sleep problems, Post-traumatic Stress Injury,

fatigue, burn-out, irritability, family issues

  • Sleep disturbances

  • Critical incident stress

  • Concentration problems

  • Posttraumic Stress Injury

  • Flashbacks, intrusive thoughts

  • Irritability

  • Family stress impact

  • Relationship stress

Who We Work with & Treat

911-Dispatchers, Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, EMS, Military, Physicians, Nurses, Counselors First Responders, Clery 

  • Fire Fighters

  • Paramedics/EMT's

  • Police Officers

  • 911 Dispatchers

  • Nurses

  • Physicians

  • Military - Active Duty & Veterans

  • Counselors

  • First Responder Family Members

Treatment Modalities & Interventions

Confidential meetings with Counselors specializing in working with First Responders

  • Heart Rate Variability Training

  • Heart Math Skills

  • EMDR Interventions

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

  • Couples Counseling

  • Mindfulness Skills Training 

Serving first responders in our community

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"After only a few session, I have my husband back, he's more at ease and enjoying life again."

- Police Officer Spouse

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