The cost of psychotherapy has so much variation from therapist to therapist that giving an exact answer to this question can be a challenge. Some of the factors that each therapist and practice consider when choosing their prices are:

  • Market rate – how much local therapists charge?

  • Years of experience & additional training – the longer in practice, the higher the cost.

  • Whether or not the therapist is on insurance panels – panels have a set rate.

  • The SES – socioeconomic status of their client base in the area of practice.

  • Overhead – the expenses the therapist has in their practice.

  • Sliding Scale – Based on need; some therapists adjust their price based on the
    needs of a particular client on a case-by-case basis.

(For Insurance Questions please see the article “Does My Insurance Cover Therapy”)

Here at Coherence Associates Inc. we have a range of fees that are based around which clinician a person is seeing, with the price for individual sessions ranging from $85 per 60-minute session up to $255 per 60-minute session. The price for 90- minute group sessions is $65 per member of the group. The differences in prices are based on a number of factors, which are listed below:

  • The experience of the therapist – the newer clinicians tend to charge a lower amount.

  • Type of therapy -individual therapy is the standard rate, while conjoint (couples or family) sessions may be higher.

  • Clinical Problem – peak performance training and first responders have set rates that differ from the standard. This is due to the level of expertise required to treat these unique groups.

  • Contracted Rates – For certain groups, Coherence Associates Inc. has a contracted rate that is given to all person’s qualifying for the group.

(For a more in depth look at the services and fees at Coherence Associates see the articles “Coherence Associates: Who we can help and who we can’t!” and “Price of EMDR Therapy: How much does EMDR Therapy cost?” to be posted in early 2016!)

As a group practice we are able to offer a number of services that may not be available in other private practices settings such as:

  • Different therapists for individuals within the same family unit

  • Marriage Counseling with both individual and conjoint sessions

  • Specialties work with the best clinician for the specific needs of the client. Future blog article titled “5 Best and Worst Parts of a Group Psychology Practice,” coming soon.)

  • Client Matching, – We are able to match the client with the clinician who is most qualified and the best fit. We match them according to a number of factors:

    1. Gender Preference

    2. Financial resources

    3. Clinical issue with best clinician for that issue

    4. Niche Populations with specialists in that population

To get to know our clinicians, and their specialties, take a look at our Staff Bios at

Every person that calls Coherence Associates is given a free phone screening where a trained clinician assesses the needs of the person. We are not a perfect fit for everyone, and if we are not right for someone, we will do our best to help them find the best fit in the community.

PLEASE, If you or a loved one is struggling, and you don’t know where to turn, call us at (760) 942-8663 and one of our clinicians will do their absolute best to help you find the help you need.

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