What Happens When I Start Therapy?

September 24, 2019


Feeling uncertain about the beginning of therapy is 100% natural, but lets see if we can relieve some of the anxiety by covering a brief outline of what to expect in the first few sessions. First things first, you can expect a little bit of paperwork. You’ll want to arrive to your appointment about 15 minutes early so you will have plenty of time to fill out and read the intake packet, which you will find on a blue clipboard in the lobby. Most likely you will be greeted by one of our therapists or our office administrator and offered a glass of water, sounds terrible so far, right? All jokes aside, we recognize how difficult walking through the door is, and will make every effort to help you feel comfortable as soon as possible.


The first session will begin with a review of everything you just read to ensure that we are all on the same page. Your therapist will make sure you understand what therapy is and isn’t, what confidentiality is and what the limits to it are, and will answer any questions you may have before commencing therapy. Once this is out of the way, you will be asked what you are here to achieve and we will go from there. There will likely be a questionnaire or two, and some time spent learning a new skill to take with you as you leave. You may choose to schedule another appointment at the end of your session or you may not. The most important thing to remember is that the quality and effectiveness of therapy is greatly dependent on how well the client and therapist fit; if it's not a good match, let us know and we will make recommendations for who may be better suited for you. At Coherence Associates, Inc. we are all about getting results, we will do our best to help you make the most of your time and resources.


If you choose to move forward with your therapist, the first couple of sessions will be spent developing trust and cultivating resources and new skills for you to use in your everyday life. Your therapist will take a personal history and assess for the appropriate type of therapy for you. Recommendations will be made for mental and physical health evaluations; we can provide you with a list of qualified providers we work closely with or you may seek out your own.


The therapy process is different for everyone; there is no single correct way. Your therapist will tailor your treatment to you and will do so with your assistance. Remember, you are the expert on you; your therapist will frequently defer to you for guidance and direction in how to best meet your needs. The client and the therapist form a collaborative relationship to co-create your growth and enhance your well-being. We welcome feedback, and request that you share your likes and dislikes.


What to bring to the first session:

  • A list of all current medications, vitamins, and supplements

  • Emergency contact numbers

  • Contact information for primary care provider, psychiatrist, or anyone else on the treatment team

  • A desire to cultivate change!


If you have any questions, please give us a call at (760) 942-8663.


Reannon Kerwood, MA, IMF 73596

Clinical Associate

Coherence Associates, Inc.


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