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Walt Ferris obtained a Master of Social Work degree from San Diego State University in 1983. He completed a two-year post-graduate training program in Object Relations Psychotherapy. He furthered his experience and training as a Level II EMDR therapist and is a member of the professional society EMDRIA. He has extensive training and experience in marital therapy through the Gottman Institute and is a designated Level III therapist. He is a clinical member of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) and the San Diego Trauma Recovery Network.

Walt believes in the human capacity to persevere in the face of daunting, overwhelming conditions in striving to overcome extraordinarily difficult circumstances. This philosophy informs his work and passionate commitment to heal the effects of trauma, whether it be a single event or from the cumulative effects of prolonged physical, sexual and emotional abuse. He works creatively and dynamically with the mind/body connection to help patients move forward in the healing process.

He enjoys helping couples to communicate more effectively and compassionately with one another. He strives to help couples explore and understand the strengths of the marriage and areas of potential growth. He places special emphasis on understanding the needs, wishes and desires of the couple, and to have them honored and supported by their partners. He is deeply committed to facilitate change in challenged relationships and to overcome the devastating impact of intense conflict.

Walt is a calm, curious and compassionate therapist who uses humor to help his patients feel more at ease. Seeking clarity in addressing the most troubling problems is a common element in his work with patients. He is generous in sharing his perspectives to help patients consider an alternative perspective to distressing events. Walt brings a unique blend of wealth of clinical experience, professionalism and compassion with an engaging and authentic personal approach. 

Specializes in:

  • Heal the Effects of Trauma - Physical, Sexual, or Emotional

  • Dynamically Utilizes the mind/body connection to help with healing

  • Couples Marriage Therapy

  • First Responders & Military 

Trained/Certified in:

  • Level II EMDR Therapist

  • Level III Gottman Therapist

  • Heart Math

Master of Social Work

Post-graduate training - Object Relations Psychotherapy 


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Taking a hike through the Scottish Highlands near Glencoe

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