3 Strategies for Successful Teleheath Therapy 

Telehealth Virtual Counseling is here to stay.

At Coherence Associates, we have always had the option for online therapy sessions. Of course, we also enjoy seeing our clients in our offices, however, with the impact of COVID-19 we have all moved to our confidential telehealth option. We can provide online-counseling throughout the state of California.


Privacy during your session is an important factor in you being able to open-up to your counselor. Pick a location that is quiet and one where you won’t be disturbed or interrupted. Let your family know that you will be unavailable for a specific period of time. A place like a private room, in your yard, or even sitting in a parked car. Wearing headphones can be a good way to ensure your privacy, as no one can hear what your therapist is saying.

Therapy is a commitment and it is dedicated to working on what is important to you. Just like coming into the office, how you get ready for your session will help you have a positive outcome. So, no multi-tasking...like cooking or folding laundry. No PJ’s or lying in bed. When you get dressed for your appointment and your set up your surroundings in a helpful way, you are telling your brain it’s time to focus and be present. While teletherapy can seem more causal when both the therapist and client are in their homes, it is important to maintain professionalism.

  • Telehealth Counseling provides a unique opportunity to connect with your counselor in a more personal way, showing them a little more about who you are in the comfort of your home or outside.

  • You can fit it into your schedule when it works for you and you don’t have to factor in any commute time!

  • You can have longer or shorter sessions depending on what is needed at the time.

  • You can find a counselor with a specific specialty or a certain ‘fit’ that is not dependent on physical location.

  • If you have any physical limitations, you are ill, or anxiety is high, a telehealth counseling session can provide immediate caring support.


Set up your technology in a way that is comfortable for you to be able to see your counselor and they can see you as fully as possible and you won’t have to be moving around. Make sure your computer or phone and headphones are fully charged and that your camera and microphone work. You and your counselor will have a Plan-B should the technology get cut off for some reason, such as the counselor will call you back. Think about what you might like near you during your session, for example; a cup of tea/coffee, tissues, a soothing object like a blanket or pillow, candle, or your pet.

With our confidential, HIPPA compliant, Telehealth system we can easily set up your counseling sessions. We use one of the top-rated programs called, Simple Practice.


"I wasn't sure if seeing my counselor virtually would work. I am amazed at how we can still get things done and feel connected."

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